Open Meeting Pics
 Pennine Open 2009
 Photo: Jane Evans

Silver Scorpion:
Qualifying Events Rules

Current rules are that:


All Scorpion Class Open Meetings count irrespective of turnout.

Other events count if they meet all of the following conditions:

a) at least 6 scorpions attend

b) scorpions from at least two different clubs attend

c) event was open to all scorpions to attend


No more than two events can be counted at any one venue in the same year (i.e. one open meeting and one other event)

The National Championship does not count towards the Silver Scorpion but the Inland Championship does count.

The Youth and Junior event counts toward the Bronze Scorpion series but not the Silver Scorpion (as it is not open to all).

All events must be sailed by the same helm, but the helm may use different crews and/or different boats.

A helms best 5 results will count towards the overall position.

Submitting Reports

At each event it's important that someone (preferably the local fleet captain) captures results and writes a report. The results and report should be sent to Yachts & Yachting specifying that they are for the website and the magazine. Full results and report should also be sent to Scorpion News, and the full results only to Andy McKee for the Silver & Bronze Scorpion.

Also remember that we are the friendly class. Don't intimidate new or less experienced sailors.

And if you win, do make an effort at a 'thank you' speech. Host club members put a lot of effort into organising opens and they deserve our thanks.